Green Beef would like to welcome you to our new website, Pasture Fresh Meats. As we have added pastured pork and grassfed lamb to our farm raised meats we felt that the Green Beef website could not cover all three of our products. Our beef will always be “Green Beef,” we will just offer it alongside our other farm raised meats on our new Pasture Fresh Meats website! The CSA program will still be exactly the same; we are making no changes in that area. We are just providing you with more delicious, lean, pasture fresh meats that we raise on our family farm in the same manner as our Green Beef.

Visit The Meat Shop to see what we have to offer! Our grassfed and grass finished lamb is still available for purchase by the side, and our pastured pork is available for purchase through a CSA membership similar to Green Beef, or by the side. If you visit us at the farmers market we might have some select cuts of pork or lamb for you and your family to try while supplies last.


Pasture Fresh Meats is a farm to table operation, providing quality meat directly to your family from ours! We raise 100% grassfed beef, lamb & pastured pork on our family farm in Mansfield, Missouri. It is currently available for purchase through our CSA program in the San Diego area, and at select local Farmers Markets. You can sign up online through The Meat Shop.

Our “Green Beef,” lamb, and pork are raised on quality grass pasture year round, and supplemented in the winter time with hay we bailed on our farm. Since our beef and lamb is 100% GRASSFED and GRASS FINISHED it provides healthy Omega-3s and is very lean. Our pork is pastured and supplemented with feed and dairy. We do not use pesticides or chemicals on our pasture, we never give our animals growth hormones, and they are not given antibiotics. We believe in raising our Pasture Fresh Meats naturally…the “Green” way!